++ Loki ++ (ghost_of_loki) wrote in littlenikita,
++ Loki ++

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Oh im clever!

Damn, just found this place! no one tells us these things you kno!

Oh well glad theres a community for it!

Im "Aesir" off the message board, took me bout 3 mins to figure out how to join n post to this! yey me!

Im sure the others will find this soon!
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I have returned to the board! Are you still there? I'm hoping so but haven't seen any of your posts in the last couple days...I don't believe I only just found this community. Through JB's userinfo, actually. Anyways, pointless ramblings over - see ya on the board?

Pic [PunkInChains]
lol i found it TOTALLY by chance! Cos i typed in littlenikita n everything.. showed it sarah.. i found JB on it too.. lol i think everyone will click onto it soon!

nice to see ya bk on, yes i seen ur posts im suprised u aint seen mine lol!

Tlk to u soon
ben x