Katie (sassygirl) wrote in littlenikita,

awwww, last night little nikita supported easyworld at the northampton soundhaus!
they were fantastic onstage, phil doing his scary eyes thing and caz looking all sexy onstage, hehe, if caz notices you looking at her, it seems like she makes an extra effort to look hungrily back at you..
they did a fantastic set and i made friends with a cute girl in a little nikita shirt called Hollie, she was dead nice and i embarrassed her by taking a photo of her, heh!
longview came on and to be honest, i found them a bit boring as their songs were all a bit samey and bland? although the bassist was cute. ;) but that's the shallow me talking!
so i went & bought a little nikita top from the merchandise stall, phil served me, heh and then we chatted and he said how he was bored that they werent going to be doing any more gigs for a while, then he talked about how he was sensitive,(aww).
then after easyworld came on and did a lovely new set, i went and talked to caz a bit and she signed my poster and then i got phil to sign it, he signed it as "Pip". so CUTE. :) and i took all the little nikita leaflets that were available. oops. bad me!
but erm, yes, that was my first proper Little Nikita viewing but hopefully not my last!
i did see them at King Adora but last night was better! :)
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